Certified Translation Services


As an ATIO/CTTIC certified translator (Englich-Chinese-English) I have legal mandate and professional authority to provide certified translation for the essential documents including (but not limited to) the following: 


  • Driver's License/Driving Experience Authentication Letter (MTO designated);
  • Graduation Diploma/Degree Certificate, Transcript;
  • Passport Entry/Exit Stamps (for citizenship and/or PR Card Renewal); 
  • Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Death Certificate; Household Register (Hukou), ID Card; Non-criminal Certificate/Police Clearance;
  • Contract/Agreement; Asset Documentation;
  • Medical Records, Medical Expenses Receipts, Vaccination/Immunization Certificate; 
  • All Kinds of Court/Legal Documents;
  • Audio/Video Evidence Transctiption/Translation (Court Ready) ...  


Most professional associations in Canada/Ontario designate/recommend that applicant's credential documents be translated by an ATIO/CTTIC certified translator. Following is a partial list of these professional associations: